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Poverty Simulation
Posted 03/15/2017 01:49PM

As a part of their Theology classes, juniors participated in an interactive Poverty Simulation intended to bridge the gap from misconception to an understanding of families living in poverty.

The students were divided into groups and role-played a month in poverty in order to experience the challenges of low-income families.

“It grabs you in its death grip and won't let go. I tried to balance the money as well as I could but it was always something different thrown my way.” – Josh LaMaster  

“You are under extreme pressure and you are completely vulnerable to anything: I know that if we would've gotten into any kind of predicament, we easily could've been homeless.” – Jorge Solorzano

“I didn't realize how frustrating it must be to struggle like that. It made me realize that there are people who go through that day by day. It kind of makes me sick thinking about how hard those people work and they still fall short. They give up almost everything so they can support their family and themselves.” – Ryan Dobson

Our family's greatest frustration was lack of communication, and lack of time. Communication is key into surviving in poverty, and time is money and cannot be spent doing things that will not help pay the bill, such as watching TV.” – Isaac Fouts

“I did not realize that while you’re in poverty it is a lot of work to keep your family healthy and get them a good lifestyle. It is very stressful because you never know what could happen while you’re in poverty. Things might not go your way just like the mother got fired from her job.” – Noah Mackin

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