Tiger Boosters

Mission Statement

The mission of the Tiger Boosters is to promote all activities - spiritual, scholastic, athletic and social - that are in the betterment of Saint Xavier High School and its community.


The Tiger Boosters conduct events and support activities as requested by, and with the approval of, the school administration. These activities include concessions at home sporting events including KHSAA tournaments (district, regional, invitational), athletic banquets, and other beneficial community sporting events (e.g. Pink/White Game, Special Olympics, etc.).

Revenues from these various events goes back into the St. X general fund and support technology advancements, financial aid, and other programs determined by the school administration. Proceeds also provide free meals for each of our student-athletes at their respective end-of-season banquet.


Founded in 1942, the Tiger Boosters have given more than a half century of service to St. X and to generations of St. X students. Throughout its history, proceeds from activities hosted by the Boosters have helped make capital improvements to sports facilities (bleachers, etc.), purchase band uniforms and wrestling mats, and have provided noteworthy financial aid. In the early days, the Boosters hosted various dances, worked concessions at BINGO, and hosted the Fall Festival and Father-Son Night. Since 1978, the Boosters have also served as the "chain gang" for all home football games.

How To Get Involved

Membership consists of parents, alumni, friends and anyone desiring to support Saint Xavier and its mission. There are no annual membership fees. The success of the Tiger Boosters depends solely on volunteers. If you are interested in learning more about the Boosters or if you would like to help the Boosters, please email Janet Madras.

Involvement in the Tiger Boosters is a great way to meet many dedicated, extraordinary volunteers while having fun and helping St. X!