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The safety and security of all of our students, faculty, and staff is of the utmost importance to us. We want our students to be able to come to school and feel safe, and parents should feel comfortable sending their children to school knowing that they are protected. Some of the safety policies and procedures that we have implemented at St. X are:

  • Identification - visible badges and identification are worn by all members of the school community, and visitors must wear visible badges during school hours when on campus property.
  • All visitors/parents are expected to enter via the front/main entrance to be buzzed into the building
  • Armed Security - a marked security vehicle is available for campus patrol and visibility.
  • Routine safety drills
  • Controlled arrival and dismissal

We strongly encourage our school community that if they see something, say something. This catchphrase is essential in maintaining situational awareness. During the course of our daily schedule, if any sees, hears, or smells something out of the ordinary, pass along the information to the appropriate administration.