Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools

The Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools is a network of Roman Catholic secondary schools who share a common mission and a similar governance structure. Most of the Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools trace their origin directly to the Congregation of the Brothers of St. Francis Xavier (Xaverian Brothers) and its mission of evangelization through the ministry of education. Other XBSS schools have come to embrace the Xaverian governance model and mission after a history of association with other religious congregations or dioceses. Each school, however, has its own particular identity, history and tradition and incarnates its mission in unique ways.

The thirteen schools currently include more than 13,000 students and their families, 1,000 faculty, staff and administrators and 300 trustees.

The XBSS Sponsorship Office provides services to the schools operating out of a sense of Gospel mission that is reflected in the mission of the Church and of the Xaverian Brothers. The XBSS Office exercises a strategic perspective by providing collaborative, flexible and futuristic planning which preserves, protects and enhances the Xaverian educational tradition while addressing the evolving needs of the sponsored schools.

Orientation programs for new faculty and board members, annual meetings of administrators, faculty leaders and board members, a student leadership retreat and other activities provide ongoing formation for all members of the XBSS community.

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