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Rising Junior Completes University of Chicago Class
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Megan Stearman

Harrison Stropkay attended three-week calculus-based economics for college credit. 


Saint Xavier is pleased to announce that rising junior Harrison Stropkay completed a three-week calculus-based economics class at the University of Chicago for college credit.

He was selected from a competitive group, which was primarily comprised of rising high school seniors.

"St. X helped make this experience possible by providing Harrison with the opportunity to complete AP BC Calculus and AP Macro Economics as a sophomore," said Ketti Frith, Harrison's mother.

St. X currently offers 28 Advanced Placement courses throughout the school year. Our curriculum allowed Harrison to take Pre-Calculus as a freshman and AP Calculus BC as a sophomore. Our math curriculum can allow our students to complete up to Calculus III or Linear Algebra. St. X can customize a schedule specific to all student's needs with our 5 different academic levels.

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