Poetry Out Loud

Poetry Out Loud

Thirty students competed in annual St. X competition

In Saint Xavier's third annual Poetry Out Loud competition, thirty students participated on January 24 for the chance to represent the school at the state competition in Frankfort. In order to qualify, each student had to memorize a poem from the Poetry Out Loud Anthology of Poems and recite it in front of his English class. The classrooms determined a winner and the following thirty students advanced to the school-wide competition: Dawson Abell, Philip Barber, Henry Beck, Gabe Biagi, Victor Casas, Casey Colley, Leone Couzin, Sam Ellis, Alexander Finsel, Porter Gohmann, Stephen Harris, Adam Howell, Gibb Jensen, Jay Marx, Jackson McDonald, Michael Meyer, Conor O'Bryan, Ronald Perez, Preston Prewitt, Liam Rice, Peter Rolfe, Samuel Shircliff, Kevin Sokol, Jacob Sowders, Blakely Tanner, Daniel Trujillo, Ryan Tucker, JJ Watters, Austin Weaver, and Joseph Weis.

Senior Kevin Sokol was named the overall winner and will advance to the state competition on March 3 at the Grand Theatre in Frankfort.

Winners of the state competition will travel to Washington, D.C. to vie for a national title.

The POL Competition encourages the youth around the country to learn about great poetry through memorization and recitation. Its designed to help students master public speaking skills, learn about literary heritage and compete for awards.

Pictured (L to R): Front Row: Joseph Weis, Ryan Tucker, Victor Casas, Ronald Perez, Sam Ellis, Conor O'Bryan; Middle Row: Sam Shircliff, Alexander Finsel, Porter Gohmann, Peter Rolfe, Jacob Sowders, Liam Rice; Back Row: JJ Watters, Adam Howell, Gabe Biagi, Blakely Tanner, Jackson McDonald, Dawson Abell, and Casey Colley.

Not pictured: Philip Barber, Henry Beck, Leone Couzin, Stephen Harris, Gibb Jensen, Jay Marx, Michael Meyer, Preston Prewitt, Kevin Sokol, Daniel Trujillo, and Austin Weaver.

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