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Ann Logsdon Receives Volunteer Award
Ann Logsdon Receives Volunteer Award
Annual service award named in memory of Paulie Walsh '63

Saint Xavier High School presented its annual Paulie Walsh '63 Volunteer Service Award to Ann Logsdon at a reception Friday evening at Audubon Country Club.

If you have placed a bid on an item in our Legacy...A Gala of Giving auction in the last five years, you can thank Ann for ensuring that those items were available.

Since 2013, Ann, along with her fellow members of the Gala Auction committee, is responsible for acquiring more than 1,300 auctions items that have generated over $358,000 in proceeds for the Gala Auction. These funds, of course, fuel the tuition assistance program that enriches the St. X experience for all students.

Additionally, Ann has served Saint Xavier as a member of the 2015 Strategic Planning committee, offering unique insight as she helped us map our future.

Beyond her service at St. X, Ann has been a volunteer at Norton Children's Hospital, speaking at events as a parent of a Critical Care Survivor; she has been a Class Facilitator for Operation-Parent at St. Francis of Assisi and St. Agnes parishes; Ann served as Communications Coordinator for the St. Francis of Assisi Booster Club for 10 years; and she served as the 8th grade parent leader for each of her children's 8th grade classes, coordinating communications and activities throughout their final year in grade school.

During the day, Ann works as a Sales and Marketing Director at Rx Alternatives. She is married to Doug Logsdon and they have four children: Ben, Class of 2015, a junior at Center College; Matthew, Class of 2017, a freshman at UK; Brett, currently a sophomore at St. X; and Brooke, an 8th grader at St. Francis of Assisi.

The award, which was established in 2006, is named for Paulie Walsh, a long-time Class Agent and volunteer who selflessly served St. X until his death.

Pictured: Ann Logsdon with members of the Walsh family.

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