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Search Update from the Board:

The Presidential Search, led by the Saint Xavier Board of Directors, is well underway. First, though, we want to thank the entire Saint Xavier Community for making your voice heard in our search for the third President of Saint Xavier High School.

The participation by the Saint Xavier Community in the search process to date has been overwhelming. This has been essential in shaping the Position Description of the President and creating the profile of qualities and characteristics that we seek in the next President.

The Ad Hoc Committee of the Board formed a Search Committee to work with Carney Sandoe & Associates (CS&A) and the Board in the search process. The Search Committee ultimately will identify a small group of finalists, from which the next president of St. X will be selected by the Board. 

On August 27 and 28, consultants from CS&A (Bob Regan, Barbara Daush, and Bob Vitalo) conducted on-campus interviews with key constituents of the Saint Xavier Community. The scope of the interviews was comprehensive and involved faculty, staff, administration, students, current and former parents, Xaverian Brothers, alumni, and friends. It was a wonderful mix of individuals familiar with and proud of St. X.

Over the course of the two days, the consultants conducted 27 discreet meetings with individuals and constituent groups and captured the insights of the over 180 participants. The visit concluded with a “Search Readiness Workshop” conducted by Bob Regan for the Board of Directors and Search Committee, a primary purpose of which was to inform Board and Search Committee members of their roles and responsibilities in the search process.

On Monday, September 9, an on-line survey was sent to the entire Saint Xavier Community soliciting members to identify the enduring values of the school, the critical priorities for the school, and the necessary qualities and experiences of the next president. The response from the St. X Community (1,797 individual responses) was the largest ever received by CS&A to its on-line survey. Based upon associations with the school identified by the responder, responses were received in the following cohorts:

  • 1,260 Alumni
  • 368 Parents of an Alumnus
  • 360 Parents of a St. X Student
  • 127 Friends of the School
  • 106 Administrators, Faculty and Staff
  • 84 Grandparents of a Student or Alumnus
  • 62 Board Members, Emeritus, Advisors and Xaverian Brothers

Additionally, responders provided over 400 individual responses beyond the “menu” of choices listed for each of the survey queries. The wealth of information received from the on-campus visit, survey results, and individual responses was foundational to the development of the Position Description and profile of the next president, and gives clear direction to the Search Committee and the Board as to the focus of the search for the next President.

Significant takeaways from the data-collection phase of the search, and specific challenges and opportunities of which the next president should be mindful, are detailed in the Position Description. Readily apparent from your responses, though, is the vibrancy of the school’s Mission, the importance of Catholic identity and Xaverian values to the school, and the reputation of academic excellence enjoyed by the school. We are proud of the St. X that is, but we are enthusiastic and supportive of its future as Saint Xavier addresses the opportunities and challenges before it.

The Position Description captures in summary form the essence and character of Saint Xavier and articulates the qualities and experience that will be required of the next President. It will serve as the basis for discussions between CS&A and candidates interested in the president position. It is noteworthy, and speaks volumes about the academic standing and excellent reputation of Saint Xavier, that even though the President position has not been posted officially, CS&A already is receiving significant expressions of interest.

Through the Fall, CS&A will build the candidate pool, sourcing individuals both locally and nationally. In late October and early November, the Search Committee and CS&A will begin its review of candidates, with selection of semi-finalists by mid-November. We are on schedule to meet these time targets.

Thank you again for your engagement and participation. We are at an important moment in the history of our outstanding school. 

The Board will continue to keep our Saint Xavier Community updated on the progress of the search.

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Robert Regan

Senior Search Consultant

Barbara Daush

Senior Consultant

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Teresa Riggs – Search Committee Chair, Board Vice Chair

Paul Humphrey '01 - Advisor to the Board, Parent of current student; Commander, Louisville Metro Police Department

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