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Update from the Search Committee:

And we continue the process…

In November, the Search Committee carefully reviewed resumes detailing qualifications and experiences of sixteen candidates. Eight semi-finalist candidates were identified as best suited to lead Saint Xavier into the future.  We were extremely pleased with the quality and experience of the candidates, and the fact that the candidate pool included local, regional and national representation.   

On December 7 and 8, the Search Committee and our consultants, Carney Sandoe  & Associates, interviewed each of the eight semi-finalists via on-line conferencing to further refine the pool to the finalist candidates from which the next President will be selected.  Confidentiality during this process to date has been an absolute requirement.  When the Search Committee selects the finalists, however, those names will be announced.  

The finalists will be invited to visit our campus in January.  As noted in earlier communications, the on-campus visit gives both the candidates and the Saint Xavier Community an important opportunity to learn more about each other as representatives from our constituent groups (e.g., alumni, students, parents, faculty, and staff), and the Board of Directors, interact with the finalists and provide feedback to the Search Committee.  Our Board of Directors will use this input in their selection of our next President.  

An Overview of the President/Principal Model at Saint Xavier

Are you curious about the President/Principal leadership model used at Saint Xavier?  Not all high schools use this model, but instead have one individual serving as both President/Principal.  How did the new model evolve?  Outstanding, high-performing, Catholic secondary schools have found that being the leader of a dynamic school is a challenging and demanding role which calls for special skills, strong faith, and great character.  Beginning in the 1970s, in a movement spearheaded by Jesuit institutions, Catholic schools began to adopt the President/Principal model to best serve their communities.  

The President, as the leader of the school, sets the tone by maintaining and affirming the core mission. Sometimes referred to as the “external face” of the school, the role of President actually goes beyond that because it is through the actions and presence of the President that a spiritual and aspirational climate is established for the entire community.   It is true that the President will be the face of the school in the public arena and will lead school fundraising efforts, but these will only be successful if the President is central in the life of the school.

The role of the Principal is both different, and vitally important in making certain that the school is always striving for programmatic excellence. The Principal oversees the academics of the school and is the key person promoting the growth and development of the faculty. It is through interaction with faculty and staff, and close oversight of daily operations, that the Principal ensures that the school serves its most important stakeholders – the students. 

A high level of trust and respect must exist between the President and the Principal, as well as  shared awareness of the distinct duties that each is charged to perform.  We have been well served by this model at Saint Xavier and the person selected to be our new President will be fully committed to maintaining its effectiveness in our school.                                                      

May you have a blessed Christmas season with your families and friends!  Thank you again for your support and may we continue to ask for God’s guidance as we move ahead.

The Search Committee will continue to keep our Saint Xavier Community updated on the progress of the search.

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