Honors Program

Every Saint Xavier experience attempts to help each student to gain an understanding of Christian life from the Roman Catholic perspective and to be prepared for a college program or to enter the workplace. Saint Xavier offers three challenging of study and makes every effort to personalize the program to meet an individual student's needs. Student placement in the Honors, Academic or Excel program is determined by entrance/placement test scores, previous grades and teacher recommendation. A student's schedule may reflect courses at different levels as appropriate to his achievement and talent in the discipline.


The Honors Program is a rigorous curriculum that challenges academically talented and highly motivated students to focus on quality, efficiency, accuracy, and dedication to scholarship. This program prepares its students for the academic demands certain to be encountered in the most selective colleges. While moving at a rapid pace for maximum growth, the Honors Program also allows its students the opportunity to gain college credit through the College Board's Advanced Placement Program.


College Prep Academic Program

Our most heavily populated program of study, the Academic Program is a college preparatory curriculum that will both challenge and reward its students. Building on a sound foundation of knowledge, this program will contribute to the student's successful start toward a college career. Students in the Academic program have the opportunity to participate in some courses where college credit can be earned.


Excel Program

Emphasizing core subject areas such as reading, mathematics, and basic writing, the Excel Program is an academic regimen designed for the student who exhibits a need for individualized instruction or skill building in the core subjects. This program provides guidance through the Learning Differences Coordinator, allowing each student to achieve his maximum potential with the assistance of individual attention. The Excel Program is a unique and wholesome learning environment dedicated to the success of each student. Smaller class sizes, remediation, and personal instruction allow the program's students to achieve their academic goals.