Freshman Information


Beginning high school is a time of change that can be exciting, yet challenging. Transitioning into a new school, working with new teachers, or having high expectations doesn't need to be stressful. Remember, you are not alone. Let those around you help make the most of your opportunity. The following monthly list of activities will help as a guide for the year.

August - September

  • Counselors will visit classrooms
  • Counselors will meet individually with each student during the first semester
  • Use Plus Portals to review grades, assignments, and announcements
  • Explore clubs and extracurricular activities that you plan on joining
  • Get involved in school activities

October - November

  • Counselors will assist students in activating their Naviance accounts
  • Individual counselor meetings continue
  • Sign up in the Guidance Office when you need to speak to your counselor
  • Meet with your teacher when having academic issues
  • Work for A's and B's to guarantee a strong Grade Point Average


  • Finish the 1st semester with a solid academic performance
  • Begin preparation for Mid-Term exams as they count in the final grade calculation
  • Evaluate your effort, school involvement, and overall performance. Are you where you want to be?
  • Are your service hours complete?


  • Focus on a strong academic start beginning the 2nd semester
  • Determine the study skills that need improvement, and work on these skills
  • Continue keeping up with Plus Portals
  • Counselors will assist in introducing the following Naviance programs: Personality Inventory, Career Cluster Buster, and Resume Builder.
  • Counselors continue to meet privately with students during the 2nd semester

February - March

  • Classroom visits are used to present sophomore classes
  • Review Course Booklet with parents to begin selection of classes
  • Register for sophomore year classes
  • Learn about your Grade Point Average and how it's calculated
  • Learn about the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES)

April - May

  • Make the 4th Quarter count with a strong academic performance
  • Begin developing a study schedule for Final Exams
  • Final Exams

June - August

  • Work on completing graduation required service hours
  • Explore job opportunities and volunteer work for the summer
  • Fulfill summer academic and athletic responsibilities
  • Review admission requirements if considering application to St. X’s National Honor Society or the Kentucky Governor Scholars Program
  • Be productive and participate in activities that help build a resume and strengthen future applications
  • Read. Read. Read.