Learning Differences

At Saint Xavier, we want to ensure that all of our students are empowered to learn. As a result, our Learning Differences Program has evolved to meet the needs of our students with specific learning requirements by using the latest research to inform how instruction is best delivered based upon individual needs. For example, students with reading disabilities may use the text-to-voice technology available on their iPads to assist with reading of documents, and all students with Accommodation Plans have access to Learning Ally, a resource containing over 80,000 narrator read books.

At St. X, roughly 20% of our students have a diagnosed learning difference that qualifies them for accommodations at school and on standardized tests such as the ACT and College Board tests such as the PSAT, the SAT, and AP exams. Most importantly, at St. X, we do not believe that a learning disability should define the individual. Students use accommodations in our Honors, Academic, and Excel programs. Learning is tailored to meet the needs of the individual so that each student is able to achieve at his highest level. 

Our program has a Learning Differences Coordinator who will write a plan for your son that reflects his true abilities and provides teachers with a clear understanding of his specific needs.  Students in our Excel program also have access to an Excel Coordinator who oversees a program that is tailored to assist struggling learners.

We invite you to contact Dr. Pacheco, our Learning Differences Coordinator, if you have any specific questions about requirements for accommodations at St. X or on the ACT or other standardized tests.

Helpful Links:

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If you have any questions about Saint Xavier's accommodations for students with learning differences, please contact Dr. Beatriz Pacheco via email or at 634-2135 ext. 252.