Senior Information


September - December

Take the ACT. You also should consider taking the SAT, especially if you are considering select schools out of state. You should have at least two ACT scores by January. Note: The SAT includes a writing section. The ACT writing is optional. If you are going to apply to a school out-of-state, you may have to include the ACT writing portion. IMPORTANT NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE ACT or SAT SEND YOUR SCORES TO THE COLLEGE YOU ARE APPLYING. SAINT XAVIER DOES NOT SEND TEST SCORES. IT IS THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO HAVE SCORES SENT!

Start applying to colleges—especially the state schools and those with rolling admission.

Sign up to see your counselor. Fill out a transcript request form so that your transcript can be sent to the colleges.

Fill out your application on-line. It is IMPORTANT that you download all teacher and counselor recommendation forms and take them to the counselor and teacher you wish to write your recommendation. Request your letters of recommendation at least TWO WEEKS in advance. NOTE: A $10.00 LATE FEE WILL BE CHARGED IF THE HIGH SCHOOL REPORT REQUIRING A COUNSELOR’S RECOMMENDATION DOES NOT ALLOW AT LEAST 10 DAYS FOR PROCESSING! This may include a form called the SECONDARY SCHOOL REPORT. *** NOTE: Not all applications will need these forms.

NOTE # 2: DEADLINES ARE VERY IMPORTANT! Applications for admission and scholarships that are submitted past the deadline may be disregarded. You may be one of the last candidates considered or you may not be considered at all. Bring transcript, forms and letters of recommendation to the Guidance Department at least 10 DAYS before the due date or the student will be assessed a $10 late fee.

Check to see if the school to which you are applying accepts or uses the COMMON APPLICATION. This one application can be used for a variety of schools. This application will require an essay, and a teacher and counselor recommendation.

Work on developing your application essays by consulting your English teacher.

Some out-of-state schools may require Subject Tests (SAT II) for admission. They should be taken in December.

The FAFSA (Federal application for student financial aid) is required by most colleges. You can file this form beginning in October. The earlier you file, the better chance you have of funds being available. Other than merit scholarships from the universities and colleges, private businesses, organizations or community scholarships and loans, this is the only way to receive grants or loan money for college. Some colleges may require the CSS Profile or their own forms, as well.

Arrange to visit the colleges and universities you are considering.

Keep up your senior year grades. Although many of your acceptances will be based on your three-year grades, colleges will expect your senior year schedule to be strong and your grades equally good.

Some select schools, usually out-of-state, may require SAT ll subject tests. The application will tell you.

Meet with any college admission representatives who visit St. X. They usually are set up in the lobby during the lunch periods.

Most Early Decision/Early Action deadlines are November 1st -December 15th. Since some Early Decision options may be “BINDING” for students, be sure to discuss this option with your counselor before pursuing it.

Keep your senior counselor informed of all admission decisions and continue to sign up to discuss choices and options.

By the end of December, you should have applied to 3-5 colleges and tried to narrow your overall list to about 7 schools.

CHECK DEADLINES! While some schools will accept applications even into the summer, most, including both UK and U of L, have a priority date for applying by February 15th.

The scholarship deadline for UK is December 1st. UofL scholarship deadlines range from December 1st -January 1st. Some selective colleges have earlier scholarship deadines. Be sure to check that college’s web site for exact deadlines.

January - May

Once you have decided to attend a specific college and you plan to live on-campus, whether local or not, be sure to send in your housing application as soon as possible.

Many colleges will require the high school to send mid-year reports. This is usually done at the end of January. The Guidance Department will send them. This is ONE IMPORTANT REASON to keep up your senior year grades.

By April 15th, you will have received all admission decisions from colleges. You need to make your decision by May 1st and notify the college that you are planning to attend. You should also notify the colleges where you have decided not to enroll. If you have been “wait-listed” by a college, you should definitely notify them if you wish to remain on the list.

Be sure to send your deposit by May 1st to the college you will attend. Do not “double deposit” to more than one school. It is unethical and both colleges could drop you, if discovered.

If you are taking AP classes, check to see if your college will give AP credit, then take the AP exam.

Inform the Guidance Department of your final college choice so that they can send them your final transcript.