Sophomore Information


During the sophomore year focus on developing productive study habits, maintain good grades, and participate in extra-curricular activities. Courses should be challenging in order to be prepared for college. Awareness of subjects, or activities, that you have an interest can be beneficial in exploring possibilities for future college choices and careers. Colleges are interested in your academic performance, involvement in service activities, and standardized test scores.


- Check schedules to make sure levels and academic classes are appropriate

- Classroom visit to introduce the new school year

- Meet with all students during the first semester

- Discuss the importance and impact of GPA

- Visit the English classes to introduce the PSAT and other standardized test

- Discuss National Honor Society

- Discuss Governor’s Scholar opportunity


- Students will take the PSAT

- Students will go to the computer lab to update Naviance

- Students will explore career and college opportunities

- Visit Mom’s Club to discuss Sophomore year

- Meet with students on probation


- Students will continue to meet with their counselor

- Encourage students to maintain GPA and to become involved


- Discuss study habits for students who need help in academic areas

- Prepare for midterm exams

- Update four year plan when meeting with students


- Begin meeting with students for a second time

- Distribute and discuss results of the PSAT in English classes

- Explore career and college planning for the future

February and March

- Begin to look at classes for Junior year

- Students will attend pre-registration assemblies

- Counselors and Administrators will visit classes to advise on the selection of classes for Junior year


- Continue to meet with students for individual counseling

- Conduct career exploration and college searches using Naviance in the computer lab

- Encourage service opportunities over the summer