Learning Differences

Saint Xavier is committed to providing differentiated learning opportunities for students with specific learning needs in order to ensure that they are able to reach their full academic potential. The Learning Support Center at Saint Xavier offers dedicated resources for students with learning differences and assists faculty in our collaborative effort to provide accommodations and equal access to learning for all St. X students. The Learning Support Center and its staff are available to any St. X student who wishes to receive scholastic and organizational help.

Individualized accommodations plans are tailored to meet the needs of each qualifying student. Parents are encouraged to access our Learning Support Directors, who will partner with you to determine your son’s learning needs and those accommodations which are shared with his instructors. The Learning Support Center is designed intentionally so that it and its array of resources and technology align with research-based best practices.

Support and Accommodations May Include:

  • Extended time on tests and quizzes
  • Preferential seating 
  • Access to Learning Ally, which contains over 80,000 narrator read texts
  • Additional individualized accommodations based on specific learning needs
  • Consultation and professional development for our faculty
  • A counselor to assist with needs both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Assistance with the ACT and PSAT application process
  • Qualified educators who are available outside of regular class time for assistance
  • Morning and After-School study opportunities
  • iPads that offer multi-modal learning opportunities
  • Encouragement for students to become strong self-advocates
  • Students with specific identified learning deficits may be in the Excel program in order to receive remediation in a smaller class setting with caring, well-trained educators

To set up an appointment to develop an Accommodations Plan or to learn more about the Learning Support Center, email either Christina King or Tony Kemper, the Directors of Learning Support, at 502.637.4712 (ext. 252)

Documentation requirements: Your son’s current Educational Accommodation/Learning Strategies Plan, psycho-educational testing results, or any additional support data that may help us to identify your son's particular learning needs. Assessment conducted within the past three years is urged as it is necessary in confirming accommodations.

Helpful Links:

SAT Services for Students with Learning Differences

ACT Policy for Documentation to Support Requests for Testing Accommodations on the ACT

Meet the Team

Benjamin Cottrell

Benjamin Cottrell
Titles: Learning Support Assistant, Retreat Coordinator Grades 9-10, Tiger Mentors Moderator, Tigers for Christ Moderator, Assistant Coach - Baseball
Phone Numbers:
School: 502.637.4712 ext. 251

Anthony Kemper

Anthony Kemper
Titles: Director of Learning Support
Phone Numbers:
School: 502.637.4712 ext. 252

Jennifer Meirose

Jennifer Meirose
Titles: EXCEL Coordinator
Phone Numbers:
School: 502.637.4712 ext. 235