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Academic Administration

The Administrative Team of Saint Xavier High School is grounded and fully vested in the values of Xaverian education. We operate under the auspice that at the heart of a Xaverian education is a commitment to the full development of each person. Our mission as academic leaders is to build capacity in our students and faculty and to make an affirmative impact on the lives of each. As a result, we continue Saint Xavier’s tradition of developing and sustaining rigorous academic programs and extracurricular activities that foster respect, honor, and service to God’s world. As a center for growth and learning, we uphold Saint Xavier’s focus on building enduring relationships which allows us to foster outstanding achievement in students with a broad range of abilities. We strongly believe when high expectations are balanced by the caring our students experience each day, they develop the confidence needed to rise to their highest level of academic and personal achievement. As an administrative team, in collaboration with all faculty members, we understand we are part of something greater than ourselves and reinforce the value of lifelong learning for our students.