Innovation Lab

Saint Xavier High School’s Innovation Lab is stocked with resources to support its STEAM curriculum. The student-friendly lab features:

  • 5 state-of-the-art 3D printers
  • a digital laser cutter
  • a digital vinyl cutter
  • a CNC router
  • table top drill press
  • 14 Dremel rotary tools
  • 30 programmable Lego robots
  • 1 Nao humanoid programmable robot

The Innovation Lab is adjoined by two computer labs giving students a total of 55 desktop computers that can be used to design and program projects before taking them into the Innovation Lab.

A variety of courses such as Computer-Aided Drafting, Computer Programming, Engineering, Graphic Arts, Mechanical Drawing, and Robotics, can take advantage of the equipment in the Innovation Lab. An example of how these resources can be incorporated into the STEAM curriculum would be through the Engineering courses which offer design and build projects. These include gliders, drag racers, windmills and balsa bridges. After learning about and then designing these projects with web-based software, students can build manually, use a 3D printer, laser cutter or even a CNC router. A drill press and Dremel can further enhance the project by giving it shape or drilling areas for the wheels of a drag racer. The Innovation Lab also has a creative workspace for all students to experiment in this unique facility.

Photo caption: Efren Quirino, Assistant Director of Information Technology, and Dan McCue, Assistant STEAM Coordinator, who teaches AP Calculus, Physics and Engineering, are pictured in St. X’s Innovation Lab with resources for the STEAM curriculum.

Innovation lab