iPad Program Info and FAQ

As we educate our students to become developmentally prepared for the next stage of their lives, we must continue to embrace instructional practices that meet the learning needs of our 21st century students. The incorporation of an individual computing device for all students, coupled with excellent teaching methods, will enable us to continue to engage our students in rigorous academic programs and to foster/model appropriate and effective digital citizenship. Below are some frequently asked questions from parents and students.

  1. If students own an iPad, do they have to take from the school?
        • Yes, all students will be required to receive a school-issued iPad. The school-issued device will have preinstalled software that students will need and that will allow for inventory and network control. Each device will include three-year Apple Care Plus insurance.

  2. May teachers require students to purchase apps for their particular class? Is there a maximum?
        • Yes, apps are viewed like textbooks and may be required for courses. The practice would be to use free apps whenever possible. Any required apps will undergo a rigorous department level review prior to requirement. The purpose of the review is to identify apps that can be used over several years and across several courses.

  3. What will the iPad and applications cost?
        • There will be an annual technology fee for all students in the iPad initiative. For the 2017-2018 school year, the technology fee is $275. Regarding personal apps, students will be responsible for paying for their own apps, iBooks, and textbooks. The technology fee includes the iPad, protective cover, insurance, some school-required apps, and school technical support

  4. What model of iPad will my student receive?
        • Each freshman class will receive the latest version available on July 1 of that year. This iPad will be kept for the next four years.

  5. When will freshmen receive their iPads? Required documents? Insurance?
        • All freshmen will receive their iPad on the first orientation day. In order to receive the iPad, both student and parent must sign the Responsible Use Policy, acknowledging their responsibilities regarding use and care and that they have received the iPad.

  6. Do I need to have WiFi at home for the iPad to work?
        • The iPad is functional without WiFi for anything already downloaded to the device and doesn’t require internet access. In order to utilize the maximum capabilities of the device, it should be connected to WiFi. Public libraries and many businesses offer free access to WiFi. St. X is a wireless campus. Please know that some apps and books will require a WiFi connection in order to access them. If you already have internet at home, adding WiFi is relatively easy. All cable TV carriers offer WiFi service and installation.

  7. How will St. X monitor and control the devices?
        • Saint Xavier will monitor and control software installed on the iPad using a Mobile Device Management System (MDM). Internet access will be through the school’s Firewall Web Filter. Internet usage while off campus is not monitored, nor controlled. Parents will need to monitor the student’s iPad usage off campus.

  8. While at home, how should parents monitor and control internet access and device?
        • There are several solutions including different apps and filtering firewalls. The best way to monitor is by looking at what he is doing. St. X does have the ability to disable most capatabilities of the iPad using control software. If parents suspect their son is not using the iPad for the intended purpose, they may want to try some of the following:a. Have students use the iPad in general family areas that can be monitored and not in seclusion.b. Have students give the iPad to parents at night. Possibly set up a “Family Charging Station.”c. Set up “Family Sharing” in the iCloud settings to allow sharing of apps and the ability to monitor Apple purchases.d. Utilize “Restrictions” in the General Settings of the iPad. Keep in mind that there are many times, especially at the beginning of a semester when a student will need access to the App Store to install apps. There may be times when restrictions impede a student’s ability to complete tasks at school. If this happens, the IT Department may clear your restrictions without notice. If you set up restrictions, be sure to make note of the restrictions passcode that you create.e. Feel free to notify the school administration and/or IT Department if you need assistance or you suspect that inappropriate use needs to be reported.

  9. Do I need an iTunes account? May students load apps they want for personal use?
        • Yes, an iTunes account is necessary to purchase items from the App Store. Students will be guided through the process of creating an Apple ID on orientation day using their stxtigers.com email account. They are asked to use this Apple ID on their iPad because forgotten email passwords can be reset by the school's IT Department. This iTunes account is controlled by the student and/or parents. Either a credit card or an Apple gift card can be used to download iBooks or apps as required. iTunes, Apple IDs, and the App Store are controlled by Apple. Apple has features which allow you to place parental controls on the accounts and set up family sharing for purchases. See Apple’s iTunes website for details. (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201088)Yes, students may load apps they chose to use. Be aware of available storage space on the device. Books and required apps for school are the primary items to be loaded on your device.

  10. How do I print from the iPad?
        • iPads print using an Apple technology called “AirPrint”. At school, we have installed these AirPrint printers around the campus. School printers will be available for student use before and after school. Best practice is to print ahead of time and not wait until the last minute to print. When possible, printing at home to a wireless printer before coming to school is advised. Work saved to your student's Google Drive Account (using their stxtigers email address) can be accessed and printed from a computer or any device connected to the internet.

  11. What should I do if my iPad is damaged, lost, or stolen?
        • For iPads under Apple Care Plus, current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors should fill out a form at Student Services, obtain a loaner if the iPad is inoperable, and make an appointment at the Apple Store in Oxmoor Mall. Take the iPad to the store and it will be fixed or replaced under Apple Care Plus for a $50 deductible. This can be done twice during the life of Apple Care Plus.If the iPad is not under warranty, which includes all current seniors, the iPad should be taken to Room 130 for evaluation by the IT Director or Assistant Director. For a fee varying by degree of damage, the iPad may be repaired or replaced. A loaner will be issued until the iPad is returned and operable.If the iPad is lost or stolen, it is the student's responsibility to replace it.

  12. What does the warranty and insurance cover?
        • The iPad comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Through Apple, we purchased supplemental insurance which covers an additional two years and limited accidental damage. The student and his family will be responsible for repairing and/or replacing the iPad if it is lost or stolen, and for some non-incidental damage.

  13. Do we need peripheral devices?
        • Peripheral devices are not necessary but students are welcome to use a keyboard, stylus, and ear buds to enhance use of the device. Students are required to keep their iPad in a protective case at all times.

  14. Will the student be able to use electronic books in place of paper textbooks?
        • Yes. During the 2017-2018 school year, some books are available as iBooks or eBooks. This number varies depending on the courses that a student takes. We expect the number of iBooks/eBooks to continue growing over the next several years. Be aware that there are many different types of electronic books (iBooks, eBooks, internet based books, PDF books, etc.) and many versions of the electronic book may not match the printed versions. Responsibility for all material remains the student’s. Also, students are not to use the school network and printers to print their electronic books.

For additional questions, please email Mr. Charley Moore, IT Director, or Mr. Efren Quirino, Assistant IT Director.