Learning Differences Program

Saint Xavier is committed to providing differentiated learning opportunities for students with specific learning needs in order to ensure that they are able to reach their full academic potential. The Learning Differences Program at Saint Xavier offers supports for students with learning differences and assists faculty in their efforts to provide accommodations and equal access to learning. 

Because everyone learns differently, accommodations will be tailored to meet the needs of each student who qualifies for a plan. As parents, you will receive access to our Learning Differences/Resources Coordinator who will meet with you to determine your son’s learning needs and to prepare a plan that will be shared with his instructors. The Learning Differences/Resources Coordinator will also facilitate access to resources for your son with his teachers.

To set up an appointment to develop an Accommodations Plan or to learn more about the Learning Differences program, contact Dr. Beatriz Pacheco, the Learning Differences/Resources Coordinator, by email or by phone at 502.637.4712 (ext. 252)

Documentation requirements: your son’s current Educational Accommodation/Learning Strategies Plan, psycho-educational testing results, or any additional support data that may help us to identify your son's particular learning needs will be required to qualify him for the Learning Differences Program.