Learning Differences Program

Saint Xavier has several resources available to assist students with diagnosed learning disabilities.

At St. X, the following advantages are offered to all students:

  • Students can perform at their own level and are not tracked in one specific level in all subjects
  • Schedules are made with the needs of boys in mind; shorter class periods are designed to provide for the kinesthetic needs of boys
  • Classes rotate on a daily basis so that teachers can see students at different times during the day
  • Students have a variety of extra-curricular activities to fit the individual interests of just about every student


When should I begin seeking assistance for my son with a diagnosed learning disability?

As soon as your son has been accepted, you should contact Dr. Pacheco, the Learning Resources Coordinator, to set up an appointment to develop an official Accommodation Plan.

What type of documentation should I bring to this initial meeting?

Please bring copies of your son's current Education Accommodation / Learning Strategies Plan, any psycho-educational testing results, or any additional support data that may help us to identify your son's particular learning needs.

If my son qualifies, what type of support will he receive for his learning difference at St. X?

  • Access to a Learning Resources Coordinator who will meet with you to determine your son's requirements and to prepare a plan that will be shared with his instructors; the Learning Resources Coordinator will also facilitate access to resources for your son with his teachers.
  • Extended time on tests and quizzes
  • Preferential seating (if deemed necessary)
  • A counselor to assist him with needs both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Assistance with the ACT and PSAT application process
  • Qualified and caring instructions who are available outside of regular class time for assistance
  • iPads that offer multi-modal learning opportunities
  • Various training opportunities focused on how to use the iPad to mitigate the effects of learning disabilities
  • Encouragement for students to become strong self-advocates
  • Students with a specific learning deficits may be in the Excel program in order to receive remediation in a smaller class setting with caring, well-trained educators

Contact Dr. Beatriz Pacheco, the Learning Differences Resource Coordinator, by email or by phone at 502.637.4712 (ext. 252)