Class Agents

The Class Agent program was created in 1987. Each graduating class shall have at least one member serve as an Alumni Class Agent. Class Agents may serve up to five years or longer. The purposes of the Class Agent program are:

  • To broaden the resources of the Alumni Association and provide Saint Xavier High School with a group of volunteers, including themselves, from among their classmates.
  • To increase bonding and friendship and encourage participation of classmates in school and Alumni Association-sponsored events and activities.
  • To increase the flow of communication with all alumni and provide an informed source of information to their classmates based on experience and inside information.
  • To offer representation of all graduating classes and act as a conduit for their classmates’ wants and needs, transmitting their information back to Saint Xavier.

Alumni Class Agents and Emails


1942 Dick Pontrich



1945 John Fritsch

1946 Ken Haner

1947 Al Barth

1948 George "Bud" Bouchard


1950 Charles "Skip" Medley

1951 C. Robert "Bob" Quarles and Walt Schnurr

1952 Jim Duggins

1953 Bob Simpson

1954 Bill Sherman and Brother Cornie Hubbuch

1955 G. Howard Meyer, Bob Weihe and Jim Rademaker

1956 Bill Habich

1957 J. Richard "Dick" Mueller


1959 Doug Ganote

1960 Bob Benson

1961 Ed Weis

1962 Bob Meyer

1963 Bob Coomes and Jerry Barnes

1964 Don Meyer

1965 Jack Will

1966 Ed Mayer

1967 Tony Santamassino, Mike Shea, Greg Pike, Charles Nalley, Jim Ratterman, and David Vollmer

1968 Mike Horlander

1969 Steve Lannert and Steve Liebert

1970 J. Tim Haas

1971 Bert Erny

1972 Pete Wimsatt

1973 Joe Spoelker

1974 Frank Hulsman



1977 E. John Raque

1978 Barry Holland and Paul Shaughnessy

1979 Alan Luckett

1980 Scott Raque

1981 Jerry Roby


1983 David Sermersheim

1984 R. Lee Pfeiffer

1985 Shawn Keller

1986 Jim Sadlo and D. Chris Brown

1987 Ted Bordador

1988 Brian Doheny and Mike Dant

1989 Tony Wilcox

1990 Tim Corrigan

1991 Todd Siegel

1992 John Langford

1993 David Cornett

1994 Glenn Davis

1995 J. Wes Sublett

1996 Joe Higgins

1997 Marty Schnurr

1998 Matt Hartlage

1999 Charlie Dicken

2000 Brooks Mayer

2001 Eric Krupiczewicz

2002 Paul Schardein

2003 David Phillips and Kevin Barger

2004 J. Patrick McMahon

2005 Joe Tronzo

2006 J. Matt Raque

2007 Michael Neel, Andrew Mucci and Daniel Francis

2008 Nick Heuser and David Mabry

2009 William Walker and Will Spence

2010 Barrett Metzger

2011 Will Ford and Ben Taylor

2012 Bill Yancey

2013 Tommy Bell, Harrison Kirby and Sam Newton

2014 Devin Kelly and Charles Walker

2015 Daniel Bowling and Scott Spurlock

2016 Nick Eimers

2017 Mason Elpers

2018 Max Hanke and John Kleine-Kracht

2019 Cameron Littell and Andrew Norton