Extreme Madness

Classes from 1955 to 2015 will compete in our new eXtreme Madness tournament. A four-color mailing and email to non-donors will tip-off the tournament. Alumni Phonathon will help us promote eXtreme Madness. The class with the highest point total by March 31 wins the championship.

Scoring: Earn points for each volunteer (10 pts per volunteer) or each gift from a classmate (2 pts). Extra points are scored when your classmate increases his gift or becomes a new donor. Even if you call non-classmates and secure a gift, you earn points toward your class total (2 pts per gift).

All calling will take place from the convenience of your home or office. NINE calling dates are highlighted below. All shifts are 6-9:00 p.m. except Sun. March 7 which is 2-5:00 p.m. A tutorial will be shown to all volunteers at the beginning of each session to explain the calling software and completion of the digital pledge form. Volunteers just need a computer or iPad. No credit cards will be collected.

Brackets: Classes will be randomly assigned to one of four brackets at the start of Phonathon. The class with the most points in each bracket advances to the Top Four which will take place the last week of March. The tournament ends March 31. The eXtreme Madness champion will be announced the following week.   

*View our EXTREME MADNESS BROCHURE (mailed to non-donors).

Incentives: Anyone making a gift by March 31 receives a custom class decal for their car, home, or office. Class Agents still receive incentives for caller recruitment. Recruit seven volunteers (including yourself) and you'll earn one golf outing registration, one Gala registration, or two hospitality admissions to a home football game. Plus, seven volunteers equals 70 points earned for your class!

Volunteers receive this!