Outstanding Alumnus


2017 Recipient - Albert C. Horton '62

The Outstanding Alumnus Award was established by the Saint Xavier Alumni Association in 1967. Its purpose is to honor annually a graduate (or graduates) who, on a regional, national, or international level, through achievements in his profession or work, has made a significant contribution to the betterment of his fellow man and, in doing so, has brought credit to himself, to his associates and to Saint Xavier High School

Al Horton lives the spirit of Saint Xavier High School and the mission of Xaverian Brothers’ education in his commitment to hard work, faith, and family. St. X honors him today for those commitments, for his long leadership and service to the Saint Xavier Board of Directors and for his wise counsel and supportive friendship to each President or Principal at St. X for more than 30 years.

Al’s love for the Xaverian Brothers and for St. X grew during his early years as a student at the Broadway campus and as a member of the first graduating class on Poplar Level Road. A formidable swimmer while at St. X, Al was a four-year member of the team, specializing in distance freestyle and butterfly events. From 1960-62, he individually placed among the top five swimmers in Kentucky and helped the Tigers claim three state championships.

Following graduation from Saint Xavier in 1962, Al served as a key swimmer on the St. Bonaventure University team. While there, he completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and continued his studies at the American University School of Business in Washington, D.C. Al returned to Louisville in 1968 to join the family business and became President in 1979.

Serving as Chairman and CEO of The Horton Fruit Company for nearly three decades, Al’s leadership brought continued success to his family’s business. Likewise, for more than 40 years, he has brought business acumen and expertise to the produce industry, having served as President of the Board of Directors of the Louisville Produce Association. His other past board memberships include the American Printing House for the Blind, the Archdiocese of Louisville’s Finance Council and multiple terms on Saint Xavier’s Board of Directors, including continued service as an Emeritus Director to the Finance Committee. Al currently serves on the Board of Trustees of St. Bonaventure University.

Al’s success, tireless efforts and community involvement have earned him recognition within the Catholic community, including the Catholic Education Foundation’s Salute to Catholic Alumni Award and the Sacred Heart Schools’ Volunteer Leadership Award. Additionally, he was inducted into the Saint Xavier High School Alumni Hall of Honors in 2012. The St. X campus bears the Horton Family name on the Media Center’s Lecture Hall and Al’s son’s name on the Football Locker Room and The Gray Horton Fieldhouse, each dedicated in loving memory of Gray, a 1988 St. X graduate who passed away in 1993.

Al and Barbara have been married 48 years, and they are blessed with their two daughters, sons-in-law and six grandchildren.

Roster of Saint Xavier Outstanding Alumni

1967 William J. O'Sullivan '33
1968 Frank J. Beard '57
Robert H. Nichols '54
1969 Dr. James E. LaFollette '40
1972 William P. Kelly, Sr. '10
1973 George M. Goetz '29
1974 Brother Conrad Callahan, C.F.X. '38
1975 Frank W. Burke '38
1976 Msgr. Raymond J. Treece '30
1977 John B. Voor '42
1978 Cletus A. Ratterman '38
1979 Dr. George F. Dwyer, Jr. '44
1980 Arthur J. Deindoerfer '23
1981 Brother Cornelius E. Hubbuch, Jr., C.F.X. '54
1982 John L. Hoeck '44
1983 Hon. Romano L. Mazzoli '50
1984 Rev. John J. O'Callaghan, S.J. '49
1985 Thomas O. Eifler, Sr. '60
1986 Brother John Heckel, S.V.D. '49
1987 Emil J. Raque, Jr. '53
1988 William T. Heavrin '61
1989 Michael A. Dorris '63
1990 Rev. Clyde F. Crews '62
1991 B. Leo Burmester '62
1992 Eugene C. Ulrich '56
1993 Robert A. Edwards '65
1994 James F. McDonald '58
1995 Bernard A. Crimmins '38
Michael H. Holland '65
1996 Louis A. "Lew" Miller '35
1997 T. O. "Jack" Hall '49
1998 Paul B. Browne '65
1999 Dr. Orest Hurko '66
2000 Paul R. Charron '60
2001 Brother George Willenbrink, C.F.X. '44
2002 Harry J. Rothgerber '65
2003 Thompson M. Faller, Ph.D. '56
2004 James W. Stuckert '55
2005 Raymond J. Weis '61
2006 C. Eugene Steuerle, Ph.D. '64
2008 Walter D. Gahm, Jr. '63
2009 Joseph P. Viviano '55

2010 Nicholas X. Simon ’77

2011 Thomas A. Musselman, Sr. ’54

2012 Paul C. Varga '81

2013 Robert L. Jones, Jr. '76

2014 Dr. John J. Guarnaschelli '59

2015 W. Kip Viscusi, Ph.D. '67

2016 Dr. William J. Godfrey III '55