Legacies Xaverian Legends of St. X


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This first book highlights the humanity and vision of the Xaverian Brothers who served as teachers, mentors, and guides to thousands of St. X students. It will be used in connection with work in the classrooms, on retreats, and during school activities. 

All proceeds from this book will support St. X's need-based scholarship fund.

Here are some Xaverian Brothers you can read about:

Brother Borgia, C.F.X.
Brother John Joseph Sterne, C.F.X.
Brother Hugo Hammer, C.F.X.
Brother Benjamin, C.F.X.
Brother Liguori, C.F.X.
Brother Edward Driscoll, C.F.X.
Brother James Kelly, C.F.X.
Brother Edward Joseph, C.F.X.
Brother Wilfred, C.F.X. aka Br. George Willenbrink, C.F.X.
Brother Thomas More, C.F.X.
Brother John Wills, C.F.X.
Brother Ambrose, C.F.X.
Brother James McCarthy, C.F.X.
Brother Julius, C.F.X.
Brother Peter Fitzpatrick, C.F.X.
Brother Richard, C.F.X.
Brother Fabius, C.F.X.
Brother Valens, C.F.X. aka Br. Peter Walsh, C.F.X.
Brother Acquinas, C.F.X
Brother LeRoy, C.F.X.
Brother Conrad, C.F.X.
Brother Dan, C.F.X.

SECOND call for your brother stories 

The Xaverian Brothers moved out of the Ryken House on the St. X campus in 2021. It marked the first time in school history that there were no Brothers on school grounds. Even though they are no longer on campus, we must keep them in sight. Our tradition depends on it.   

Joe Kroh is planning for his second book, so this is a call for your favorite Brother stories. We want to include these additional remembrances which will be published for students, parents, and alumni.

We need your stories. As a student, how did a Brother impact your life? When you submit your stories, Joe Kroh will build a vignette around them.

St. X principal Brother Thomas More (1953-60) said that when alumni think of St. X, “crowding into your mind is the face of a Brother.”  We need to keep those faces alive for our students. This is a chance for you to help keep the legacy of the Brothers alive.