100 Days of St. X History


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It will be a historic season for Saint Xavier Football in the fall of 2018 as the program will field its 100th squad on the gridiron. May 9th marks 100 days until the 2018 season kickoff for the 100th season of Saint Xavier Football, and St. X Athletics will take Tiger Nation down memory lane leading up to the season opener against DeSales on August 17.




DAY 100 (May 9)

The Saints of Saint Xavier’s College fielded its first football team in 1917 under Coach Will Duffy. On October 13, the Saints faced Jeffersonville High of Indiana on a rented vacant lot, Lotz Park, located on the corner of Clay and Kentucky Streets. St. X won 18-0. #TNG


DAY 99 (May 10)

Due to a nationwide flu epidemic, health officials closed all churches and public gatherings, including football games. The Saints did not field a team for two years and resumed play in 1920 with Marion Thumma at the helm. #TNG



DAY 98 (May 11)


In 1922, after more than 50 years of existence, Saint Xavier’s College was renamed Saint Xavier High School. At that time, the Saints, coached by Charlie Kenzler, had an overall 6-13 record, entering its fourth season of play. #TNG


DAY 97 (May 12)

Home games were played at five different fields before St. X officially had a place to call home. In 2007, 90 years after its first game, St. X beat Ballard 18-14 on opening night in Brother Thomas More Stadium. #TNG


DAY 96 (May 13)

On December 23, 1924, the basketball team took the court in new green and gold uniforms emblazoned with the likeness of a tiger. Following that game, all sports teams would be known as the Tigers.

The rest is history. #TNG


DAY 95 (May 14)


1925 was highlighted by the hire of Joe Harmon, a member of Knute Rockne’s undefeated 1924 National Champion Notre Dame football team. Harmon coached for 6 seasons compiling a 34-11-3 record and was inducted into St. X's Hall of Fame in 1987. #TNG

DAY 94 (May 15)


Joe Guyon was regarded as one of the greatest Native American athletes to ever play sports. As the program's 6th head coach, he led the Tigers to a 16-6-2 record during his 3-year tenure. His 1932 squad set the record for highest offensive total points (248-35), a record that stood until 1956. Guyon was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1966, the College HOF in 1971 and the St. X HOF in 1986. #TNG


DAY 93 (May 16)

St. X and this school began their football series in 1931. The series holds the program record for the most consecutive years played against one another. #TNG


Name the opponent.



DAY 92 (May 17)

St. X and MANUAL began their football series in 1931, and currently holds the program record for the most consecutive years played against one another.


St. X leads the series 62-30-2. The Tigers have not dropped a game to the Crimsons since 1994, tallying 31 consecutive wins. #TNG


DAY 91 (May 18)


One of the program’s most famous coaches was hired in 1934. Don Miller was a member of Notre Dame’s notorious Four Horsemen. Additionally, he was on the undefeated 1924 National Champion Notre Dame football team with former St. X head coach Joe Harmon.

During Miller’s lone year at the helm:
• Outscored opponents 120-38
• Posted five shutouts, tying previous program record
• Tied with Manual for first time ever
• Featured the first football game under the lights, 32-0 win over Eminence.


FUN FACT: St. X is the only school in Kentucky with a past football coach on a postage stamp. #TNG


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