Campus Ministry

"Stand ready to answer God when He asks you if you are available for Him to become more present in your life and through you to the world."

- Fundamental Principles of the Xaverian Brothers


As a Xaverian Brothers sponsored school, Saint Xavier is centered in Christ and strives to create the time and space necessary for reflection, prayer, sharing of faith, and sacramental celebration. Campus Ministry is an integral part of our educational experience. We strive for growth and learning marked by:

  • Enduring personal relationships
  • Stewardship for God's creation
  • The centrality of religious instruction, spiritual formation, worship and prayer
  • A spirit of harmony
  • A passion for justice and peace

Saint Xavier is committed to these values and strives to promote the gospel message within our school community. Programs and activities such as retreats, liturgies, service opportunities, and outreach efforts, build faith-filled relationships with the students, faculty, and staff of our school. One of the most vital ways to form young people is through retreats. The atmosphere and community that is built on retreat is carried over to the larger school community. When students are given the opportunity to attend retreat, they deepen their faith and understanding of Christ.

Campus ministry also provides opportunities to call young people to leadership and empowers them with the skills necessary to share their gifts to minister to one another. By serving as a retreat leader or member of the Ryken Service Club Core Team, students can share their faith and their gifts to help build the Body of Christ within our school.