Grandparents Mass

Photos of Freshmen and Grandparents celebrating together.


A Prayer for Christmas Gatherings

In this Christmas season like no other,

even now, O God, your name is worthy to be praised.

For in your mercy and kindness

you sent your Son to be our Savior.

For the blessings of the Incarnation we have known

and for those we have yet to recognize,

to you we sing our praise.

For life that reminds us how fragile we are and also

how strong we can be: Glory to God in the highest.

For sheltering that is a reminder of

your abiding protection: Glory to God in the highest.

For communication that allows us

to connect in ways new and old: Glory to God in the highest.

And for mindfulness that shows us

how much we rely on one another: Glory to God in the highest.

Watch over your family, Lord, gathered here

and at tables separated by miles,

and bless those who work tirelessly to keep us all safe.

Though we may be kept apart

in this season that calls us together,

we know that your Word dwells among us all.

Lord, we ask you to ease the pain of empty chairs

that bring to mind our beloved dead.

Let our grieving find its rest in your Son, Jesus,

in whose Resurrection is our hope.

Grant your Spirit to be present here

that this meal may become a foretaste of your heavenly table

where every tear shall be wiped away, every hunger fed,

and no distance can separate us from your love in Christ

our Savior, from whom all good things come.


Adapted from ”A Thanksgiving Prayer in Time of Pandemic.” Copyright © Diana Macalintal, 2020. Used with permission.