Christian Awakening Retreat

We are pleased to announce plans to offer a SUMMER Christian Awakening Retreat for members of the Class of '21 and Class of '22, who have not yet attended.  This retreat will be held June 27-30, 2021 


Nearing the end of my time at St. X, retreat put a lot of things into perspective for me: the man I want to become, the deep and complex understandings of individual faith, and most importantly, the vast support system that I and countless others have accumulated over the years spent here. Retreat did not tell me the answers, but rather showed me how I can find them for myself and encouraged me to do so. 

The Christian Awakening Retreat allows a student time for prayer, reflection, and discernment of who he is in light of his family and faith. Juniors and seniors are invited to reflect on their personal relationship with God, build community with their peers and family, look at their strengths and weaknesses, and grow in their awareness of God in their life. This retreat is an opportunity for students who wish to have a unique and formative experience.

Juniors and seniors are offered the opportunity to participate in the Christian Awakening Retreat. This is an optional retreat which allows students time for prayer, reflection, and discernment of who he is in light of his family and faith. This retreat is a unique opportunity for students to grow in their understanding of themselves in relation to his family, friends, and God, to deepen his faith, and to build a sense of community within their class.

Students who attend the Christian Awakening Retreat will be excused from their classes and extracurricular activities. Students will be given two (2) weeks to complete any missed assignments.

*NEW* SUMMER 2021 RETREAT DATE:  JUNE 27-30, 2021  

Seniors' (Class of 2021) applications will be given priority.  Juniors (Class of 2022) will be placed on waiting list.   

Christian Awakening Retreat Application