Senior Retreats

Two Senior Retreats are offered this school year. Each retreat offers a unique opportunity to engage your faith and spiritual development while in communion with nature.


Wilderness Retreat - Explores God's invisible attributes and presence through the beauty of nature’s woodlands, waterfalls, and mountain streams. You will spend three days and two nights camping and discovering your connectedness to God’s creation. Seniors will be required to apply for acceptance and attend a mandatory meeting to prepare for the experience.

Christian Awakening Retreat - For those seniors who have yet to attend a Christian Awakening Retreat, we encourage you to consider attending the Christian Awakening Retreat. While attending the Christian Awakening Retreat is not a requirement for one of the Senior Retreats, the Wilderness Retreat is built from concepts established on the Christian Awakening Retreat. To sign up for the Christian Awakening Retreat, please click here.

Please remember that a student may not go on two retreats during the same semester.

2024-2025 Retreats:  

10/23 - 10/25                                        4/9 - 4/11