Sophomore Retreat

"It is through your life of gospel witness lived in community with others that God desires to manifest care and compassionate love to those who are separated and estranged, not only from their neighbors, but also from their own uniqueness; to those who suffer from want, neglect, and injustice: the poor, the weak, and the oppressed of this world."

 -  Fundamental Principles of the Xaverian Brothers

Sophomores are given the opportunity to participate in an single-day, service-learning retreat. This is an optional program which includes time for prayer, reflection, and discernment in the call to faith and service. The student will earn 3 hours of DIRECT SERVICE credit during his participation in the retreat. Each sophomore may attend only one of the two options. 

Option 1:

Our Place in Nature guides students to recognize their roots in nature and their connection to the bigger world. They will walk trails, listen to guided meditations, and have the opportunity to get their hands in the dirt while serving to maintain the forest and wetlands at the Passionist Earth & Spirit Center. It will be a time of discovery, introspection, and small group sharing, culminating in a new understanding for their place in this world.

9/28   10/5   10/25
Option 2:

Tigers in the City invites students to respond to the Catholic, Xaverian call to work for justice and peace by serving the marginalized at various organizations in the Louisville community. After gathering for prayer and reflection they will head out to respond to the needs of others at places such as Harbor House, the Kling Center, Casa Latina, the Franciscan Soup Kitchen, and other partner agencies. By encountering others and building relationships, students will understand the importance of “falling in love with the service of God.”

11/15   1/10   1/24   2/7   2/28   


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