Annual Fund

Charitable support to Saint Xavier High School enhances the many programs, equipment and facilities on the campus. Through the generosity of alumni, parents and friends, St. X is able to provide a quality Catholic education in the Xaverian Brothers tradition to numerous young men each year. Through the tuition assistance program and utilizing state-of-the-art teaching resources, St. X continues to deliver a well-rounded program for its diverse student population.

What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund has made aggressive strides over the last several years. These strides are a direct reflection of alumni, parents, and friends making gifts each year. The Annual Fund has the distinction of meeting the critical needs of over 400 families requesting tuition grants each year. The Annual Fund has also continued to finance the purchase of equipment and funding for special projects through its unrestricted gifts. The Annual Fund has also been responsible for several other enhancements to the campus including technological upgrades and other equipment needed to maintain the quality of academic excellence for which we are so well known. And the Annual Fund involves several hundred alumni and parent Phonathon volunteers each year.

2019 was ANOTHER RECORD-SETTING YEAR with gifts from 6,517 donors that included 5,004 alums making a gift to help us meet our Annual Fund objective. The Annual Fund has grown from $146,000 in 1986-87 to the 2018-2019 record of $2,339,755!

Our Annual Fund goal for fiscal year 2020 is $2,400,000 and 7,000 donors.

Gifts for Current Programs


  • A Gift of Cash, most often in the form of a personal check payable to Saint Xavier.
  • A Gift of Stock may be transferred to Saint Xavier, avoiding any capital gains tax.
  • A Gift of Property-real or personal.
  • A Matching Gift from a corporation. Several hundred U.S. companies participate in this program.

Gift Restrictions

Although many donors choose to allow the school to use their gifts where they are most needed, several special programs and projects are funded through restricted gifts each year. These include gifts to endowment programs and for enhanced equipment and facilities.


On occasion, Saint Xavier is presented with a unique gift opportunity that requires the institution to formally accept a gift before it is actually made to the school. For that reason, Saint Xavier reserves the right to formally review any gift, regardless of its asset form, before it is receipted.

Levels of Giving

St. Francis Xavier Society

This Society enrolls committed individuals who, in the spirit of St. Francis Xavier, dedicate themselves to the betterment of life by endorsing an educational process that integrates the rigors of academic excellence with the light and guidance of Divine faith. As a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School, we realize that today’s young people are precious sources of goodness and that Society members support the philosophy, values and experiences that a Catholic education at Saint Xavier provides. The Society has been established as an organization that requires an annual gift of one thousand dollars or more. Since being founded in 1986, gifts from Society members have been used to fund Saint Xavier’s need-based financial assistance program along with many other program enhancements.

The Chancellors of Xaverian Heritage

Facing an unknown future, the founding Brothers planted seeds of faith in the Louisville community, drawing strength from the Xaverian Brothers motto “Concordia res parvae crescent - In harmony, small things grow.” With an annual gift of $25,000, Chancellors ensure that the Xaverian heritage lives on at Saint Xavier.

The President’s Council

The Head of School relies on wisdom and inspiration from trusted advisors. Members of The President’s Council hold Saint Xavier dear, and demonstrate their faithfulness with an annual gift of $10,000. Council members join the President in fulfilling the school’s mission to provide an unparalleled Catholic education for young men.

Trustees of the Founding Brothers’ Spirit

Annual gifts at the level of $5,000 embody the spirit of the Xaverian Brothers who founded St. Xavier’s Institute in 1864. In the United States for only ten years, the Brothers trusted God’s providence. “Omnia cum Deo, nihil sine Deo - All with God, nothing without God” guided the Brothers through the starkness of their material poverty. Their zeal to provide Catholic education to immigrant German and Irish children inspired them to overcome obstacles and to persevere.

Stewards of the Xaverian Educational Charism

With a gift of $2,500, a donor keeps vibrant the special spirit of the Xaverian Brothers. With this resource, St. X is able to reach out, educate and form young men, regardless of economic means, in the Catholic faith. Each member particularly sponsors a Xaverian education experience for a deserving student.

Annual Member

A minimum gift of $1,000 entitles the donor to the spiritual benefits and perquisites of the Society. Annually repeated gifts at this level allow Saint Xavier to realize its mission as a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School.

The Directors’ Society

The success of any academic institution depends upon the dedicated efforts of its Board of Directors. Certain contributors to Saint Xavier have indicated a similar commitment by making annual gifts of $500 - $999.

The Principal’s Society

One of the most important positions in any school is that of the principal. From the principal flows a sense of leadership, stability and direction. Membership in the Principal’s Society indicates that one has made a leadership commitment to Saint Xavier at the level of $200 - $499.

The Green & Gold Society

As the school colors indicate permanence and stability, so does the Green and Gold Society. The loyal supporters who provide the stability are those individuals who have shown outstanding support by donating $100 - $199 annually.

The Tiger Society

The tiger is a symbol of strength and spirit. The Tiger Society was established to recognize the support of those who provide strength to our program. To qualify for recognition, a donor contributes $25 - $99 annually.

Goal for 2020

We are shooting to obtain $2,400,000 in Annual Fund contributions from 7,000 donors by June 30, 2020.



For information on ways that you can support Saint Xavier, please feel free to contact Saint Xavier's Office of Advancement at 502.637.8485 or email.

For the convenience of all alumni, parents and friends, the Annual Fund accepts checks or payment via Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover to make a gift. Simply charge-by-phone by calling 502.637.8485, click below to donate online or mail your gift to:

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