St. Francis Xavier Award

The St. Francis Xavier Award, to be presented annually at the  Legacy Gala, has been had its first recipient in 1987 and honors a member of the Saint Xavier school community who has impacted the school’s culture and viability through their guidance, investment, or service.  

This award really celebrates those whose lives are intertwined with the history, programs and operations of Saint Xavier High School - connected really to the fabric or culture of this place. With the presentation of the St. Francis Xavier Award, we honor one whose vision and mission help create the scenes, colors, and Tiger stripes of a recent or current piece in that storied history by pouring out themselves, as we are challenged to do in our faith, in service to Saint Xavier's students and to the extended St. X family"

- Dr. Perry E. Sangalli '76, President (2001-2019)

Please Note: The following biographies were present in the Legacy...A Gala of Giving programs.