St. Francis Xavier Award Recipient

Brother Edward F. Driscoll, C.F.X., Honorary '89

2012 Award Recipient 

Brother Edward Driscoll, C.F.X. has spent much of his ministry as a Xaverian Brother at Saint Xavier High School.  When he concludes his tenure as Principal this summer, he will have dedicated 36 years to the school and our community, including 17 as Principal.  From Brooklyn, NY, Bro. Edwardwas assigned to teach Religion and French at St. X in 1968 upon the completion of his undergraduate work at the Catholic University of America.  Prior to becoming Assistant Principal in 1978, he completed a Master’s degree and Administrative Certification at Spalding University.  During these years, he chaired both the Language and Religion Departments and served as retreat director, where he was instrumental in establishing the Christian Awakening Retreat program.  In 1980, Bro. Edward was named Saint Xavier’s 20th Principal, where he served until 1993.  During that time, he was named an Honorary Alumnus in 1989 and he also served the Congregation as a Province Counselor from 1987-1993.  

Upon completing his first tenure as Principal, the Saint Xavier Board of Directors established and funded The Brother Edward Driscoll, C.F.X. Endowment, which has provided more than $120,000 for student tuition assistance and faculty professional development.

After leaving St. X in 1993, Bro. Edward was appointed the Director of the Colegio San Francisco Xavier, the Xaverian Brothers’ mission school in Carmen Pampa, Bolivia.  He remained there until 1999, at which time he completed a sabbatical program in spirituality at the Chicago Theological Union before returning to St. X in 2001 to teach Spanish.  Bro. Edward would later hold other positions, including Senior Guidance Counselor and Director of Learning Resources for students with learning differences, and serve as the Congregation’s General Counselor from 2001-2007.

In 2008, Brother Edward resumed the role of Principal and when he completes his term this coming June, he will have served the longest of any Saint Xavier principal and as one of only three Xaverian Brothers to serve a second tenure as Principal.  He has also served on various Boards in the network of Xaverian Brother Sponsored Schools and is currently serving as the representative of the Xaverian Brothers at Nativity Academy in Louisville. 

Brother Edward will remain at St. X and looks forward to working with the next generation of Tigers.