Membership Levels

The Chancellors of Xaverian Heritage

Facing an unknown future, the founding Brothers planted seeds of faith in the Louisville community, drawing strength from the Xaverian Brothers motto “Concordia res parvae crescunt - In harmony, small things grow.” With an annual gift of $25,000, Chancellors ensure that the Xaverian heritage lives on at Saint Xavier.

The President’s Council

The Head of School relies on wisdom and inspiration from trusted advisors. Members of The President’s Council hold Saint Xavier dear, and demonstrate their faithfulness with an annual gift of $10,000. Council members join the President in fulfilling the school’s mission to provide an unparalleled Catholic education for young men.

Trustees of the Founding Brothers’ Spirit

Annual gifts at the level of $5,000 embody the spirit of the Xaverian Brothers who founded St. Xavier’s Institute in 1864. In the United States for only ten years, the Brothers trusted God’s providence. “Omnia cum Deo, nihil sine Deo - All with God, nothing without God” guided the Brothers through the starkness of their material poverty. Their zeal to provide Catholic education to immigrant German and Irish children inspired them to overcome obstacles and to persevere.

Stewards of the Xaverian Educational Charism

With a gift of $2,500, a donor keeps vibrant the special spirit of the Xaverian Brothers. With this resource, St. X is able to reach out, educate and form young men, regardless of economic means, in the Catholic faith. Stewards ensure a Xaverian education experience for deserving students.

Annual Member

A minimum gift of $1,000 entitles the donor to the spiritual benefits and perquisites of the Society. Annually repeated gifts at this level allow Saint Xavier to realize its mission as a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School.

Emerging Leaders Society

The Emerging Leaders Society aims to encourage and enlighten our more recent alumni about the St. Francis Xavier Society and the immense impact it has on the success of St. X. As our alumni grow into their careers and standing in the community, it is our hope that they will continue to increase their giving and philanthropy within Saint Xavier. With an annual gift of $500, our emerging leaders would be welcomed into this transitional group and presented with various opportunities to network and stay connected with our alumni base.