Men of Excellence Fund

The Men of Excellence Fund was established in 2016 by an anonymous alumni donor who believed all qualified students deserve a St. X education. This need-based scholarship fund aims to provide tuition assistance to families who, otherwise, may not have considered St. X to be within financial reach, even with aid. Since its establishment, 167 need-based scholarships have been awarded, totaling over $2 million.

2020 Stewardship report

The Impact

My grandfather graduated from here in 1957 and he dreamed of having a son follow in his footsteps. Well, my grandparents had all girls so it was up to me. I 
remember coming home after shadowing and telling my mom, “St. X is amazing! I want to go if I can.” The only reason I am here and enjoying St. X like my grandfather is because of tuition assistance provided by the Men of Excellence Fund. 

I came from a small school and was nervous about making friends, but it was easy. Everyone is so friendly to each other and accepting. My favorite thing about St. X is the teachers. I think they have inspired the biggest changes I see in myself. I am a lot more respectful and appreciate adults more because I see how much they care. While every class is great, my favorite is biology. It’s hard, but also the most fun.

I cannot wait to start football again and see what my sophomore year holds. I am sure each year at St. X will be better than the last. Thank you for supporting the Men of Excellence Fund. The generosity of the Tigers who came before me is allowing me to not only receive a great education, but fulfill my grandfather’s dream. On behalf of myself and my family, thank you." - Michael '23         

why i give

My dad had a stroke halfway through my freshman year at St. X. My brother and I couldn’t have continued our education there if it weren’t for the generosity of others. The only requirement we were given was to do our best in school and to keep in mind that we should one day give back to the community. This new fund is a tremendous opportunity for students to experience learning in a community of faith that will offer them the gifts of integrity, hard work and commitment, just as it did for me.” - John McCarthy '86
Knowing how the values and lessons that were instilled in me at St. X have impacted my life in so many ways since my time there, it only seems right to help others in our community receive the same opportunity that I was fortunate enough to get. The best way for me to do that is by supporting the Men of Excellence Fund.” - Zach Kamber '09

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