What is the Ryken 1864 Society?

When you think of the Theodore James Ryken 1864 Society, think exclusivity.It takes a special type of individual to commit himself or herself at this level.Someone with all the unwavering determination of, say, a Theodore James Ryken. Theodore James Ryken (1797-1871) was a man who spent his entire life in the service of God, the Catholic Church and Catholic Education.In 1839, he founded the Xaverian Brothers in a small house in Bruges, Belgium. In 1854, he and his Brothers came to America and opened a grade school in Louisville, Kentucky.Ten years later, in 1864, they opened Saint Xavier High School in a small building on Fourth Street in downtown Louisville. That building has since been torn down, but Theodore Ryken’s legacy lives on at the current Saint Xavier location on Poplar Level Road. The Ryken Society exists to preserve the kind of Catholic education that Theodore James Ryken cared so much about – an academic environment where mind, body and spirit are nurtured. Ryken Society members will help keep his dream alive.

How does the Ryken 1864 Society help?

First and foremost, the Ryken Society will help ensure the future of the Tuition Grant Program, which assists over 330 students and their families each year. Grants range from $1,000 to over $5,000 annually. One in five students qualify for this need-based assistance, so, as you can see, the need continues to be great.In addition to tuition assistance, your commitment can go to support special projects for ongoing academic programs, equipment needs and operational costs.

Your commitment

There are several ways to become a member of the Ryken 1864 Society. One is to make a provision in your will naming Saint Xavier High School (our legal name is Saint Xavier High School, Inc.) as beneficiary. A provision of this sort can help reduce estate tax. A Charitable Gift Annuity is another way to give.You can establish a gift annuity now, which is backed by Saint Xavier, and receive a fixed annual income for your lifetime. This type of planned gift qualifies for an immediate income tax deduction and a portion of the annual income payment will be tax-free.

Or, you can give using a Charitable Remainder Trust: assets are managed by a trustee (usually Saint Xavier) and you receive income for life.This form of support helps benefactors to avoid capital gains tax, while reducing income and estate tax.A proposal tailored to your personal circumstances on either the Charitable Gift Annuity or Charitable Remainder Trust is available.

Ryken 1864 Society Members are celebrated

As a member of the Ryken Society, yourname will be included in all future publications promoting the Society.You will also receive a beautiful lapel pin that is uniquely designed for the Ryken 1864 Society.In addition, you will be recognized at the annual Legacy...A Gala of Giving Dinner in February.

The future

Each student that graduates from Saint Xavier High School is one more reason to have high hopes for a better world. The education these students receive equips them to lead full, well-rounded and Christ-centered lives that set the example for others. Your membership in the Ryken 1864 Society assures that future students will continue to receive this remarkable gift.

For information on ways that you can support Saint Xavier, please feel free to contact Saint Xavier's Office of Advancement at (502) 637-8485, email us or complete the Ryken Society/Bequest Form below: