Archery Club

The Archery Club is designed for all students interested in target archery. Participants receive the standard competition Genesis bow, a target, and all the arrows for 10 students to shoot simultaneously. Groups of 20 or 40 archers are handled easily. The rules of the range are strictly enforced with standardized whistle commands that must be utilized to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Previous experience is not required. We can teach you how to shoot and score your round!

Due to the outside nature of the club’s activity, the best weather day of the week (generally Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday will be selected each week. The club will shoot one day a week in the first and fourth quarter, generally during the nice weather of the fall and the spring. The outside archery range is located down past the tennis courts in the grass under the shade trees. The range is put up and taken down in about 10 minutes with club members assisting in the entire process. During the second and third quarters no club activity takes place as that is the time reserved for the varsity Archery Team, a KHSAA winter sporting activity. During the winter season, the varsity archery team, which will consist of at least 20 archers next year, will practice 3 days a week at the indoor archery range in the Sterne Gym before school. This will be our only time option for practice to prepare for Saturday tournaments as all gymnasiums are used for wrestling or basketball after school during the winter sports season.

Announcements will direct students as to which day of the week our club will shoot. Shooting will generally run from 3:30 - 4:30 PM. You can also follow the club and team on Twitter.

Club Moderator: Mr. Greg Cambron