Archery Club

The Archery Club is designed for all students interested in target archery. Participants can use the provided club bows or their own as long as it is the standard Genesis bow for regular competition. The range can handle 12 pr 24 archers simultaneously. The rules of the range are strictly enforced with standardized whistle commands that must be utilized to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Previous experience is not required. We can teach students how to shoot and score their round!

Meeting Frequency: Usually  every other week in the fall. Due to the outside nature of the club’s activity, the best weather day of the week or the best scheduling day for Coach Cambron will be chosen as the day to practice (generally Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday). There is no club activity in the spring. Tryouts for the Varsity Archery Team occur by the end of October.

Moderator: Mr. Greg Cambron