Astronomy Club

The Astronomy Club exists to serve the needs of current students who express an interest in learning about all things Astronomical. The Club owns a Meade ETX 125 cassegrain telescope for student use with both solar and lunar filters, a 2X Barlow, and 2 eyepieces for various magnifications. The Club sponsors viewings of the Sun, Moon, and planets with the school telescope at different times, both before and after school, throughout the year for the student population at large. Equipment is usually placed in the popular drop off circle entrance to catch attention. Once in a great while something happens in the night sky that is of particular interest to a larger audience than the student body so every effort is made to accommodate and educate the community. A once in a lifetime event like the total solar eclipse would be a good example.

Meeting Frequency: Quarterly gatherings are usually offered around the solstices and equinoxes.

Moderator: Mr. Greg Cambron