Nat'l Art Honors Society

NAHS is an artful service society. The group is nationally registered and with that registration a onetime fee of $3.00. This links us with hundreds of other schools around the country doing artfully service for their local and school communities. To be a member, you must be a current sophomore thru senior who currently or will be taking an art course this current school year. Signups begin at the end of the year in May and announcements are made the first two weeks of school in August in case you wanted to jump in to the fun for the year. In addition, you must maintain at least a "B" average in your art classes. If you are in the NAHS you must be serious about art and display that by keeping your grade(s) in your art classes up. The service hours you provide will need to total 20 for sophomores and juniors and 25 hours for seniors. With the completion of hours various awards are given. For seniors, a graduation chord is awarded. There are a lot of ways we can give artfully to our community. We often have art service needs brought to us from other grade schools and organizations or clubs within our school. We also participate in artful service across the world with The Memory Project. Group events and individual opportunities will occur to allow for you to be proactive about completing your hours while serving others. Membership in the National Art Honor Society is noted on the student's records and special recognition is given at graduation. Service Certificates are awarded every fall at the annual NAHS Induction and Awards Ceremony.

Our monthly meetings are typically scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month. We host a morning and afternoon meeting to accommodate those with busy schedules. Service times are set to the convenience of the sponsors and students availabilities.

Club Moderators: Mrs. Jen Martin and Ms. Susan Jaffe