Student Government

2019-2020 Leadership Team

President - Patrick Brooks

Vice-President - Douglas Bodhaine

Secretary - Kyle Murphy

Treasurer - Ryan Greenwood

Junior Class President - Quinn Kitchen

Sophomore Class President - Jack Marsh


Goals of the Student Activities Council

  1. To maximize positive school spirit
  2. To provide enjoyable and innovative activities for every student
  3. To communicate between the student body and the administration
  4. To promote the general welfare of students
  5. To uphold the philosophy of the Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools and the Catholic Church

Dance Dates

Fresh/Soph Fall Dance November 2, 2019
Junior/Senior Fall Dance October 26, 2019
Senior Prom April 17, 2020
Junior Prom May 9, 2020





Club Moderators: Mr. Eddie Noe and Mr. Tyler Spears