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Campus COVID-19 Update
Saint Xavier High School was named in a Courier Journal story on Friday, September 11 regarding active positive COVID-19 cases within the student body. It stated that the school had 19 “active“ cases, which is overstated. In fact, the school has only one “active” case at this time. We can confirm 19 total positive cases, all of which occurred away from campus, reported to the Jefferson County Health Department since the first day of orientation on Monday, August 17. Lieutenant Todd Mottley, Director of St. X Campus Security, and Campus COVID-19 Coordinator, has been in daily communication with the health department staff to ensure St. X is maintaining high standards and being completely transparent.
Our pledge to the Saint Xavier community is to always keep you informed no matter the issue and we would never put the health of our students or faculty at unnecessary risk.
We thank all of our students, teachers, and staff for the excellent work they are doing each day to keep our school healthy and safe.
Paul Colistra                             Amy Sample
President                                  Principal
Todd Mottley                             AnnCoury Mulloy
Director of Safety and                  School Nurse
Security & COVID-19 Lead