School News

Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents and Senior students, 

I hope this correspondence finds you safe and healthy. The purpose of this communication is to share some information regarding end-of-year senior events scheduled for May 2020.  

The Administrative team has devoted a significant amount of time as we continue to plan and prepare for all our senior events that are scheduled to occur in May, including our baccalaureate mass and graduation ceremony. However, due to future uncertainties, we have also continued to develop contingency plans in the likely event that we would have to postpone or alter these essential events. While we don’t have enough information to make absolute or final decisions, we do plan to hold these events in some format when it is appropriate and safe for everyone. Once we have more accurate information, we will provide specific details that include dates and times.   

In regard to Advanced Placement exams, an email was sent to AP students and parents, but general information may be found at the following link:

We have decided to waive seniors’ final exams for this school year. For full-year courses, the grade will be calculated using all four quarters and the midterm only; grades for second semester courses will be calculated using the third and fourth quarter averages. 

Lastly, the current school calendar has seniors’ last day scheduled for May 6th. If the school closure is extended, we will do the following: 

  • Students who have met all the requirements and are passing their courses will have their last day of classes on Wednesday, May 6, 2020.
  • Students who have NOT met the requirements and/or are failing a course or courses will be required to meet with their teachers until Friday, May 15, 2020. While the purpose of these extended days is to provide students with additional time and support, participation in these extended days does not guarantee a passing grade. Students in this situation must complete all course requirements according to instructions from their classroom teacher(s).  

I thank you for your trust and patience during these extraordinary times; your health and safety continue to be our priority and a focus for my daily prayers.  


Francisco M. Espinosa, Jr.