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Project Fair

Hundreds of students flooded the Borders Family Commons on Tuesday, March 22, for the second Project Fair hosted by the Engineering 2 classes.

The Product Fair allows students to showcase the results of the latest class project. Student products were developed in response to current "problems" faced by a customer. In most cases, the customers were St. X faculty or staff. In one case, the customer was a three-legged dog. Students used the tools and machines in St. X's Innovation Lab (3D printers, lasers, CNC routers, and other miscellaneous power tools) to fabricate the following original products:

  • dynamics carts with large, removable wheels for Ms. Morgan to use during Physics labs
  • ceramic tool organizers and drying racks for Mr. Payne's ceramic classes 
  • a lanyard holder/organizer for Student Services
  • an orthographic projection model for Mr. Bruner
  • a prosthetic hind leg for a three-legged dog
  • a demonstration of repeatable accelerated motion for Mr. Jefferson
  • a Galton Board for demonstration of probability/statistics

Students were able to develop basic prototypes, solicit feedback from the customers, and quickly make improvements to their products. 

"The Product Fair is a great opportunity for our Engineering 2 students to share the results of their hard work and creativity with the school community. They put a lot of time and effort into this project, and the Product Fair provides them with a wonderful platform to share their experience with other students and teachers. It also gives our younger students a chance to see what our Engineering classes are all about, to see what can be accomplished with the equipment in our Innovation Lab, and to see some of the amazing work that their peers are doing," said Engineering 2 teacher and Director of STEAM, Dr. Dan McCue. "Multiple groups worked on Ms. Morgan's dynamic carts and Mr. Payne's tool organizers, and it was exciting to see how different groups attempted to address the same challenge."

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