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Xaverian Award Winners - Humility

In the Xaverian Brothers tradition, certain values distinguish our way of life. Simplicity, humility, compassion, zeal, and trust are aspects of the charism that animated Theodore James Ryken and that continue to distinguish the life of the Xaverian Brothers. 

Each month, faculty and staff are asked to nominate a student and faculty or staff member who exemplifies a specific Xaverian value. Congratulations to our November Xaverian Award Recipients for Humility.

Humility is the recognition of our total dependence on God. Adopting the selfless attitude of Christ, we accept that each person is a unique expression of God’s love, is gifted, and is loved in their sinful and graced humanity. We recognize our brothers and sisters as images of God with whom we journey in faith.

Humility compels all members of the Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School community to accept and affirm their giftedness and limitations as well as to acknowledge these realities in others. Humility is an attitude that demands action in loving service to all. Humility inspires a sense of connectedness, allowing members of the school community to affirm each other, to learn from each other, and to work with each other. 

Through humility, and in imitation of Theodore James Ryken, we surrender ourselves to God in faith saying “The gift you have received give as a gift.” (Fundamental Principles


Class of 2026

“He is such a strong humble leader.  He never minds asking for help and shows that you do not have to be perfect all of the time.  He is a freshman varsity football player and never expects anything special as a result.  He just does his jobs, is a great peer model for others, and is a servant leader.”



Class of 2025

“Jack is an honors student in Improvisation class and will be taking Honors Acting 2 next semester. Despite this, he gives up half his lunch period each day to help out my non-honors Acting 1 class perform their class play. Even though he's both an honors student and an advanced student, he is performing with the less-experienced guys and displays no sense of ego or trying to show off that he's more advanced than they are.  Last year, even though Jack was interested in acting in our musical, we had no one to run our lights, so Jack didn't audition because it was more important to him to help out the production with someone experienced on lights rather than going for what he preferred to do--he voluntarily put the needs of the group over his own desires.  Jack is always willing to do whatever I ask of him, and he's the first to help out other actors.”




Class of 2024

“Extremely gracious, generous, unassuming. Seems to project gratitude. Ideal collaborator.”




Class of 2023

“Jack is an excellent student and a leader in the classroom.  His motivation is intrinsic.”

“The other day, one of my students expressed dismay at being unable to attend the football game because of a lack of funds. Jack, of his own volition offered to pay for his ticket. To him, having his fellow classmates at the game supporting the team matters more. He sets the tone with his actions in the classroom and others follow him. Even when it is difficult, he does the right thing and models it for others.”




Assistant Principal and English Department 

“Jesse works with colleagues and students with the same quiet dignity and kindness.  He is team-oriented as a member of our department and administration, and he treats his seniors with great respect every day, regardless of the challenges school presents them.”



English Department

“Mike is always willing to help out a fellow teacher, he never seeks any attention but will always lend a helping hand.”

“Mike is one of the very best teachers and people at St. X. He is always willing to lend a hand where needed and has such a wonderful way of being there for others. Mike also does a great deal at this school, but you would never know it because he never seeks attention. ”


Theology Department

“She works non-stop in our school and our community. She never asks for recognition, she is always willing to help others!”



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